Non-Surgical Weight Loss Balloon

More than two-thirds of  us in  America are considered to be overweight or obese, and statistics show that this percentage is increasing with time.  This means that over 140 million Americans need help controlling their weight.  Many health issues such as diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension, and high cholesterol are also becoming more common due to the increase in our weight.  Many people are looking for solutions to their weight issues that do not involve surgery.  In other countries, patients have numerous options to choose from in the arena of non-surgical weight management, but in the United States options have been limited until now, as the FDA has approved the Orbera intra gastric balloon for use in patients with a BMI of 30-40.  The Orbera intra gastric balloon is different than any other weight loss tool we’ve seen until now, as it is not a stand-alone diet, it’s not surgery, and it’s not a diet pill.

The Orbera Managed Weight Loss System is an intra gastric balloon that helps you with your portion size, fullness, and hunger.  It’s a soft, flexible, expandable device that is placed non-surgically, with an endoscopy under sedation.  An intensive follow-up program for the next 12 months will help patients lose on average 25-50 lbs.  The gastric balloon works by taking up space in your stomach, so when you start eating it takes a lot less food to make you feel full.  After the procedure your hunger also will also be reduced because your stomach feels like it has food in it, when it is actually empty except for the gastric balloon.

6 months into the program, the Orbera intra gastric balloon is taken out, again with a non-surgical procedure. Patients are monitored closely for another 6 months after removal for maintenance of weight loss.

Gastric balloons have been in use word-wide for many years, and have an excellent safety profile and the procedure does not involve any incisions.  The Orbera Managed Weight Loss System is the one of the first gastric balloons to be approved for use in the United States and Dr. Ahmed is the first surgeon in the region to offer gastric balloon treatment.

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