Liver Biopsy

What is a liver biopsy?
A procedure in which a small piece of liver tissue is removed so that the liver can be evaluated.

Why is a liver biopsy done?
Liver biopsy is done to determine the condition of the liver. It can help diagnose liver disease, determine the severity of liver disease, and find the cause of abnormal liver tests.

How should I prepare for a liver biopsy?
Our office will contact you to hold blood thinners prior to the procedure. You will also need to fast prior to the procedure.

What can I expect during a liver biopsy?
Dr. Ahmed performs liver biopsies at a hospital. You will lie on your back with your right hand above your head. He will numb the area by injecting a local anesthetic into your skin. Dr. Ahmed will then make a tiny incision in the skin beneath your right ribcage. He will insert a needle into that numbed incision and quickly take a tiny sample of the liver tissue. When the biopsy is taken you will need to hold your breath for five to ten seconds.

What should I expect after a liver biopsy?
A bandage will be placed on the incision site after the biopsy. You should limit your activity for a few days while the area heals. You may be sore for a couple of days in the area of the biopsy, and sometimes in your right shoulder. You will have to lie on your right side for a couple of hours after the procedure.

What are the possible complications of a liver biopsy?
Complications from liver biopsy are rare. Risks include bleeding, infection, or injury to nearby organ.